Rémy Beumier

Front-end Developer

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I'm a web lover focused on front-end technologies.

I code everyday for a living and a hobby in Brussels always looking to improve myself by searching, experimenting and learning.

Experience 💼

Front-end Developer

KPMG Belgium // May 2017 - Now

  • Umbraco CMS: Creation of websites with HTML, CSS, JS and C#.
  • Sharepoint: Creation of custom web parts with HTML, CSS and JS.
  • AEM: Creation of custom pages with HTML, CSS and JS.

Front-end Developer

FreeCodeCamp.org // December 2016 - Now

  • HTML: HTML5 and Accessibility.
  • CSS: CSS3, Responsiveness, Sass and Bootstrap.
  • Javascript: ES6, React, jQuery and Json.
  • Git: Github.

Projects ⚙️


Collection of micro application games built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

See games collection (https://codepen.io/collection/nZpVKb)


Collection of micro applications based on API's.

See API collection (https://codepen.io/collection/DZrGGj)


Collection of micro application tools built with HTML, CSS and Javascript.

See tools collection (https://codepen.io/collection/AZKOYW)

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[email protected]